Pennsylvania Soy Candle

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Pennsylvania Soy Candle

PA Soy Candle¬ís are all hand poured soy candles and are natural creamy in color and come in a variety of fragrances; cotton wicks are used in all of my soy candles as well to reduce black soot. PA Soy lotions do not contain mineral oil which is a petroleum by-product and leaves a greasy film and clogs your pores or lanolin which is a common allergen used in most over the counter hand & body lotions. One of the major components in soy oil is Vitamin E therefore our lotion is able to be absorbed into your skin along with all the other power packed nourishment it will hydrate your skin leaving it soft and not greasy. Our Goat Milk soap contains real goats milk which is an excellent moisturizer and a natural emollient. The Argon oil moisturizes the skin and hair to help with dry scaly skin and wrinkles. It also replenishes hair and helps to create a shine and de-tangle. With most handmade soaps you don’t typically get much bubbles and lather, our soaps create a lot of lather to rinse the dirt away and they hold up to the bathroom moisture to create a lasting bar of soap.

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