Glowing Tree Jewelry

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Glowing Tree Jewelry

We create handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and anklets made from clay, porcelain, leather and semi-precious stones. All our items, including the beads we use, are 100% handmade. Clay pieces are made by mixing colors and creating a clay cane that is cut to reveal an intricate design. Clay is formed into beads which are then used in all of our jewelry. We also work with metal clay, which is a flexible form of sterling silver. All clay pieces are carefully sanded, baked and sealed. Our porcelain jewelry is made by cutting vintage china into various shapes and setting it into handmade silver settings. We also offer hand crocheted necklaces in silver and gold cord which are accented with our handmade beads. Most of our items are also accented with semi-precious stones and crystals. Additionally, our packaging is themed, detailed, handmade and a work of art in itself. During the festival I will be demonstrating how we make our wire rings and clay beads.

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New Kensington