Baltic Amber Jewelry

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Baltic Amber Jewelry

Baltic amber is one of the most unique and rare gemstones in the world. It’s not a mineral but a completely organic substance, 30 to 90 million years old, prehistoric, petrified tree resin. For thousands of years in Europe, amber was used as a folk remedy for varied maladies and its energy has been lauded as very beneficial. This stone from the Baltic sea, which heals wounds and smells beautifully when burnt, has captured the imagination of humankind and it’s one of the most amazing masterpieces by the hand of mother nature! I’m originally from Poland, where amber is a national gemstone. As a young boy I was picking up amber on the beach after the storms, now I’m enjoying sharing its beauty with others. My friend does the silver work adn I work with the stones. We present very beautiful and attractive jewelry which from the beginning of civilization has been very popular and well known all over Europe.

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