Blue Moon Gifts

Business Name: Blue Moon Gifts

We create handmade jewelry with the use of different materials to create jewelry from rings, earrings pendants, bracelets that encompass a wide variety of techniques. Techniques including but not limited to from weaving and wire wrapping, stone setting, macrame, and other jewelry making techniques. The use of Electroforming is a process in which I slowly grow copper on top of an object. Once the copper is thick enough I clean and darken the copper. I seal the copper so that it helps preserve it’s luster. Bottle lanterns I cut the bottoms of the bottle and finish it with copper foil. Then I assemble a solar lamp or a votive candle with a can that is strung up through the center of the bottle so that it can hang.

Business Phone Number: 814-330-8767
Space: 104
City: Altoona
State: PA