J&C Workshop

Business Name: J&C Workshop

We create beautiful artisan bandsaw boxes, available in Rustic or Inlay Design, that can be used to store your jewelry or trinkets. The inlay process begins with spending weeks making blocks of wood. We use walnut, cherry, oak, maple and poplar. Most of the wood is from our own property, cut into boards by our Amish neighbors, and dried on our property. Each block of wood is free-hand drawn with a design and cutout with a bandsaw. The rustic design process begins with trying to find an interesting log, drawing unique designs and cutting the box green. This box must dry for approximately 6 months. We make our own pull handles for each box. We also create rustic log mugs with grapevine handles.

Business Phone Number: 814-755-4043
Space: 64
City: Tionesta
State: PA